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Tel Aviv Airport

Tel Aviv Airport is also known as Ben Gurion Airport in Hebrew and it is Israel’s main airport handling international flights. More than thirteen million visitors came here in 2012 alone. It is one of those airports in Israel that is serving the metro area. The other airport is serving domestic passengers only. Tel Aviv Airport serves as the international passageway not just to Tel Aviv but also to Jerusalem’s metro areas. This is a home for El Al Israir Airlines & Arkia Israel Airlines. It can be found nearby the suburb of Lod and its just few kilometers away from the city center of Tel Aviv and it’s nearby the southern part of the city too.

Tel Aviv Airport is also known as the world’s well-guarded airports, because it’s guarded by the Israeli police officers and border police soldiers too. The airport securities are both in uniform and others are just undercover agents that look like civilians. This is to keep the highest level of security and to imprison those who are considered threats to the people and to the government as well. Tel Aviv Airport has been the target of most terrorist attacks, though there is no recorded attempt yet to hijack an airplane coming from this airport has ever prospered.

The Main Runway

Terminals 1 & 3 are known as twelve/thirty and its three thousand one hundred twelve meters which is next to the taxiway. The landings usually take place on this runway coming from the west going to the east that is forthcoming the Mediterranean Sea going to Tel Aviv. When the weather is extreme, the main runway is also being used for taking offs. This main runway went through complete renovation just in November of 2007 that reinforced the runway and made it suited for bigger aircrafts like Airbus A380. Just in September of 2008, there is a new one serving the runway that was made active to the public. The main runway was closed temporarily in 2011 to accommodate the extension of the runway.

Short Runway

Few years back, short runway is just serving cargo aircrafts of the Israeli air force and just in 2011, the runway is closed so the military apron going to the east of the runway has been relocated permanently to Nevatim Airbase at the southern part of Israel. At the moment, the runway is going through some renovations and improvements and as soon as the work has been completed in 2014 the runway will be fully operational again.

The Quiet Runway

So far, this is the longest runway and the prime take off area coming from the east to the western part of Tel Aviv Airport. This is called the quiet airport because most of the aircrafts taking off from this part of the airport is making less noise so they don’t make any irritating sound from nearby houses in the area.

Security in Tel Aviv Airport

Since Tel Aviv Airport is one of the world’s well-guarded airports and the security measures here are operating on different levels. The buses, cars and trucks going through the airport vicinity must go through a particular checking area. There are armed guards who will check the vehicles by simply looking into the cabs, buses and others to see if the passengers and the drivers are qualified to enter the airport. The airport is also tight in baggage screening; in fact they went through an update just in 2011 to improve the baggage screening process. They have advance x ray machine there that performs efficient CT scanning technology and their equipment are fully automated. They spent more than one hundred million US dollars to do the upgrade.

Airport Information

Official Name:
Ben Gurion International
Time Zone:
GMT +2.0
Latitude (DD):
Longitude (DD):
Latitude (DMS):
32° 0’ 51" N
Longitude (DMS):
34° 53’ 12" E
Passengers (2017):
Official Website:


2,772m (9,094ft)
45m (148ft)
4,062m (13,327ft)
45m (148ft)
3,112m (10,209ft)
45m (148ft)