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Tel Aviv Airport Transfers & Taxis

Taxi services are at level G within the terminal 3 at Tel Aviv Airport. This is one of the best options if you are looking for the best Tel Aviv Airport transfers next to car rental service. There is regular taxi and shared taxi service that you can find within the airport premises. If you want privacy and you are traveling with your family or friends, then you can opt for the regular taxi service. However, if you are traveling alone, then you can consider shared taxi service as it is much cheaper than the regular one.

With Sheruts or shared taxi, you only need to pay for your seat. This kind of taxi service is widely available and great Tel Aviv Airport transfers. It can take you to any destination of your choice, but since it is shared taxi drops passengers to different locations. There are detours that are far from your destination. If you are not in hurry, then it is a way for you to save money.

The best thing about taxi Tel Aviv Airport transfers is that they are monitored and regulated by Israel Airport Authority. It is recommended to all travelers especially tourists to only opt for taxis operated on-site and avoid those that do not belong to certified companies within the airport. Taxi stand booth is at terminal 3 that you can find at the ground level.

Licensed taxi operators are Hadar Lod that can offer transportation service to all destinations around the country. There are Nesher Tours that provides transportation to and from Jerusalem and Amal if you need to go to Haifa and rest of the North area. There is a meter law that governs all taxi drivers and operators for all trips. You should not set a price beforehand unless you are aware of the accepted rates because some taxi drivers might take advantage of your lack of knowledge. In case of long trips, then you will be charged using ministry of Transport price list. The list is posted on each taxi.

For night trips, then there is 25% surcharge starts from 9:01 pm until 5:29 am. If you need to pass through road 6 then there is a toll fee of 11.00 NIS. All passengers are required to ask for receipt right after each journey. Taxi Tel Aviv Airport transfers are reliable transportation around Tel Aviv and around Israel for as long as you will get the service from the airport premises.