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Tel Aviv Airport Parking

Tel Aviv Airport can offer a lot of spaces for parking since there are thousands of parking spaces for short term, long term, paring for employees and subscribe members. Parking service within this airport is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It is imperative to park your vehicle at designated area for parking space to stay away from towing. At Tel Aviv Airport parking, there is a specific area for passenger pickup as well as drop off. This is very important for all passengers, so you will not experience any delay.

In case of towed car, you can get the information that you need at local police station of Tel Aviv. As the vehicle owner, you will be the only responsible for the safety of your car. You need to become aware that the airport is not providing security service for vehicles. In case you rent a car, then receiving and returning of vehicles happens at Tel Aviv Airport parking lot provided for car hire companies. There are 500 parking spaces for this purpose and you can find it at the ground floor in front of terminal 3.

For short term Tel Aviv Airport parking, it is located at terminal 3 parking lot, terminal 1 No. 1 parking lot and at the cargo areas No. 13. If you need long term parking, it is important to remember to keep your parking ticket for ease of exit. There are signposts that are on site to easily look for available parking spaces and parking spaces for disabled. There is shuttle bus station located at terminal 3 for long term parking. Shuttle bus leaves every 15 minutes. Right before you leave the parking lot, make sure that you pay at the cashier. The fee can also be paid at parking lot shuttle situated at terminal 3. Right after paying for the fee, then you are only allowed to stay 60 minutes within the parking area. You can leave right after paying for the parking ticket.

Aside from Tel Aviv Airport parking service, you will also fine additional services such as tire changing. Passengers of long term parking can avail tire changing service for free. In case you cannot afford the parking space at the airport or you failed to make advance booking, you will find third party parking services not far away from the airport. Outside parking are more affordable than airport parking.