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Tel Aviv Airport or also known as Ben Gurion airport is at southeast of Tel Aviv off motorway, which is route no.1 if you are going to Jerusalem. If you are from the city center, then it is 20 km away from the airport and Jerusalem is about 50 km away. Going in and outside the airport is easy as there are lots of possible public transportation that van take you there, but if you choose to ride a car, then going to Tel Aviv Airport offers easy route. Israel is a small country and Tel Aviv is a nice city with good roads, so if you need to drive here for the first time, then you will not find it difficult to locate your destination. None of the travelers from different parts of the globe experience any problem exploring this capital city.

The city is the major hub for modern freeways and it is very accessible if you need to go to the airport from Jerusalem. You need to pass through Jerusalem-Tel Aviv freeway 1 from north through Tel Aviv-Haifa freeway 2. If you will take this route, then none of you will get lost. Speed limit in freeways varies from 90 km/h up to 100 km/h. For intercity roads, the speed limit is 80 km/h and for urban roads, you need to stay at 50 km/h.

Tel Aviv was divided into west to east through Ayalon freeway 20, which is considered as main artery within the city. It is better if you will avoid going in and out of this city during rush hour because of traffic especially the entrance going to Tel Aviv through Ayalon freeway. There is a morning rush hour, so if your flight is in the morning, then it is netter to leave your place very early. This is considered as the busiest freeway in the globe. None of you will experience a hard time driving if you are aware that some Israeli drivers are rude as well as aggressive compared to European drivers.

The best thing about driving around the city is that roads are strategically developed and modern. You will find road signs in English, Hebrew and Arabic language. As much as possible, you need to follow traffic rules and speed limit. If none of you are aware about these rules, then it is better to look for a rent a car service with professional driver to avoid problems along the way.

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