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Tel Aviv Airport Trains

There are 4 railway stations that can be found along Ayalon Highway. The train stops from north to south so passengers will truly be able to feel comfort and satisfaction during the trip. It was said that millions of people in Israel travel from one place to another using the railway system. From the completion of Ayalon highway railway station in 1993, Tel Aviv has been one of the busiest hubs for train transport system in Israel. In fact, Savidor Central station is handling more than thirty thousand passengers in summer of 2009.

But for those who are going to and from the airport Tel Aviv Airport Trains station can be found just at the lower part of terminal 3. This railway station has been operational since 2004 and it was opened to the public along with the opening of terminal 3. The railway line of Tel Aviv Airport Trains is connected to Tel Aviv and to other parts at the north, while at the southern part, there is a line connecting to the station splits going to Modi’in & Lod. The path of Tel Aviv Airport Trains going to the central station is around twenty minutes with stops over at Hashalom & Hahagana stations respectively.

Tel Aviv Airport Trains is operational twenty four hours a day but they are closed on Shabbat day like Friday night to Saturday night and on Jewish Holidays too. They are operational throughout the day and at night time 2 times every hour on opposite directions from the airport terminal going to the southern part. But at late night & early in the morning, there is a train serving the passengers on a per hour basis coming to and from Nahariya going to the southern part through Lod.

Tel Aviv Airport Trains has been a big help to a lot of passengers of the airport since some of them do not need a car hire service especially those who will go nearby the stations where the train will pass by. The railway station will stop by on a regular basis in the next years to come because they are currently planning to establish Tel Aviv to Jerusalem rail line that is high speed to serve people faster, good thing this has been made available in 2008, but Jerusalem link will start in 2017. When this railway station starts, travelers going to Jerusalem will surely enjoy their trip.