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Tel Aviv Yafo Tourist Attractions

If you want to visit the Holy land Israel, then you should not miss the capital city which is Tel Aviv. This is considered as the best place in Israel as it is the home for many popular tourist attractions. Once you arrive within this city, then you will witness the perfect combination of old and new civilization. The place is known as seaside commercial. There are lots of things that you can do and places to see while you spend your hours in Tel Aviv. The best starting point is from Tel Aviv Airport. You will find Tel Aviv Airport attractions.

If you love to travel, then one of the best places that you want to put on your list is Tel Aviv because of its beauty and enticing atmosphere. The place is located at Mediterranean coastline and this is the destination of most international travelers going to Israel. If you love the sun and the beach, then you will find stunning beaches to enjoy. Aside from that, there are high buildings with impressive architecture, bars, night clubs and shops to visit. It is the second largest city in whole Israel and it is also known as “White City”. International tourists visit the country to see Tel Aviv Airport attractions.

It is not a problem if you want to reach its capital city as many countries offer flights going to this part of the world. The airport here is considered as one of the best in the world and especially in Middle East. Once you go out of the airport, then you will be mesmerized with Tel Aviv Airport attractions such as tall buddings and skyscrapers. These buildings surround the entire city and they are glowing at night.

As you look for the very first Tel Aviv Airport attractions, then you can start your journey at Museum of History of Tel Aviv. It is best to know about the history of the place first right before you start your exploration to the rest of Israel. If this is your first time in this country, then it should be on top of your itinerary. This is the place where you can take a closer look of the history of the capital city through seeing different historical displays. There are design stores to visit. You will find wonderful pieces of art at diverse designs stores and this is one of the perfect Tel Aviv Airport attractions to visit if you are looking for souvenirs. There is furniture dated way back mid-centuries. You need to reach the white city where you can see Bauhaus architecture. There are 4,000 buildings that feature such architecture. This is a place worth visiting because of the beauty of its unique architectural style.

If you are tired exploring the history of the city, then your next Tel Aviv Airport attractions are shopping malls and shops. In the past, there are certain parts of Tel Aviv avoided because of its poor condition like the southern part. Today, this part has changed a lot and developed into a place where you can see lots of shops for accessories, clothes and many more. You should not miss the experience riding Manshia Train Station. This is one of the recent Tel Aviv Airport attractions, but it is the oldest structure in Tel Aviv. The reason for this is that it was reconstructed. The place now houses leisurely areas for fun activities.

If you love to eat delicious food, then places that offers mouthwatering cuisines are best Tel Aviv Airport attractions for you. You will never complete your vacation in Israel without tasting authentic Israeli cuisines. You will find myriad of restaurants that can offer tastiest meals with relaxing ambience. This is the place that you want to visit at the end of the day.