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Ben-Gurion International Airport, Tel Aviv, 55435 (Israel)
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Avis Tel Aviv Airport

Avis car rental is an American car rental company that is based in NJ, USA. It operates and provides car services to various countries like North America, Latin America, and The Caribbean region, Australia, New Zealand and Israel. This means that passengers to and from Tel Aviv airport can now enjoy a worry free travel. Avis is one the biggest car rental agency in the world today following Hertz Corporation and both of them are serving Tel Aviv International airport. Along with Budget car Rental Company, which is like their sister company or an affiliate to be exact, they have more than three hundred thousand vehicles out for use. Avis Tel Aviv Airport is ready to serve you with your needs regardless if it’s in Tel Aviv or to other parts of Israel.

Most of the clients of Avis Tel Aviv Airport are businessmen and some of them are domestic travelers. This company is highly recognized globally, because of their quality of service and the achievements that they have acquired throughout the year. Their company was ranked at the top brands of 2008 in terms of customer service and in faithfulness too. They offer wide range of car amenities like on star navigation and quick emergency response system composed of well verse team. They are not open for franchising but they are open for extension. This company is giving away great chances for various aspects of Avis off airport location, sustenance in the bottom line and customer service too. You will hire your own employees and be able to market your own operation.

If you want to have a great stay in Israel particularly in Tel Aviv, Avis Tel Aviv Airport is just the right one for you. Since this city one of the biggest cities there & a hub too of visitors coming from various parts of the globe, it is a home to various spots as well. There shouldn’t have any hardships in finding the right type of hotel nearby the airport with the help of a reliable car hire service like Avis Tel Aviv Airport. Regardless if you consider moving to Israel or you just want to stay there for a short visit to the holy land and the Promised Land, you have to make sure that there is a car hire service that will be helpful to you in visiting some of the best places there.